On the hunt for a new seafood restaurant NC? We’ve got just the place. From fresh seafood right off the boats to deli sandwiches sliced up with a smile, to crazy cocktails, our waterfront restaurant Morehead NC serves up seaside favorites in our casual waterfront deli and pub. Here are three reasons why you should come on in and see us!

1. Fresh Seafood and Cocktails

Many restaurants might focus on either food or on drinks, but at Sugarloaf Deli and Yellowfin Pub, we’re good at multi-tasking! From burgers to seaside cocktails, we offer a variety of deli delights and pub staples. Here are some of our fan favorites at our waterfront restaurant Morehead NC

  • Crab Cake Burger-made with fresh soft-shell crab, smoked gouda, arugula, cilantro, avocado, tomato, and hot honey, this is the perfect burger to grab when you’re hangry.
  • Fish Tacos-our catch of the day tucked into 3 soft tortillas with an assortment of veggies alongside our house chips. A great option if you want something light and refreshing.
  • Bloody Mary-we take your typical bloody mary and give it a seaside twist! After pouring out the classic tomato and vodka drink, we top it with a fully fried crab.

2. Great Staff

Getting to work with our amazing team members (and our customers, of course!) at our waterfront restaurant Morehead NC is one of our favorite parts of running our restaurant. After all, a ship can’t run without its crew! From our waiters to our bartenders, no matter the number of customers, our crew-mates make sure to take your orders with kindness and care. Don’t believe us? See what our customers are saying!



3. Waterfront Dining

There’s nothing better than coming in off the boat or beach to sit in the cool shade. Our waterfront restaurant Morehead NC dining has both covered and uncovered options, so you don’t have to worry about baking just for a breeze. Our location is also situated on prime waterfront property to ensure you have great views of the water, boats, wildlife and the many events-like the Big Rock Tournament-that occur in downtown Morehead NC year-round.

Waterfront Restaurant Morehead NC | Sugarloaf Deli & Yellowfin Pub

Whether you’re looking to quench your thirst, celebrate, or just grab a bite, our waterfront restaurant Morehead NC is your destination. Is nothing reeling you in yet? For more menu items, photos, and information, scoot over to our site.