Healthy Options at Yellowfin


Hello, welcome to Sugarloaf Deli & Yellowfin Pub waterfront restaurant Morehead City NC, where we have some of the best food, drinks, and atmosphere on the Crystal Coast. We have food options for everyone, even for those that are more health-conscious. All of our ingredients are fresh and locally sourced, and all of our food is homemade. Don’t believe us? Come check us out and see what all the rave is about!


The Teasers

  • Try our Tuna Poki Nachos appetizer for a welcome punch of flavor to your taste buds. Ask for no nachos if you’re trying to cut calories. Still, everything else is fair game with fresh avocado pico, seaweed, and chipotle aioli.
  • Suppose you’re not a big tuna fan. In that case, you definitely should try our edamame and olives served with mixed kalamata, and Spanish olives served with crisp lavash crackers.

The Greens

  • If you’re in the mood for mixed greens and shrimp, you should definitely give our Caprese salad with grilled shrimp a try. It comes with the option of your favorite dressing.
  • No one can beat our beet salad with baked goat cheese. It’s light and tasty, so it won’t leave you feeling too full, but it will leave you satisfied.

The Mains

  • Whether you’re trying to eat a little more healthily or not, one of our most popular entree options is our pan-seared salmon over mixed greens. It has caramelized onion, avocado, roasted walnuts, smoked gouda, and creamy dill dressing. You have to try it the next time you visit us at Sugarloaf Deli and Yellowfin Pub waterfront restaurant Morehead City NC, you won’t be disappointed.
  • For our vegan friends out there, we have just the thing for you! Try out our vegan quinoa bowl with pico, sweet potato, avocado, black beans, radish, cilantro, Thai peanut sauce, artichoke hearts, and almonds for guaranteed satisfaction.
  • If you’re feeling like you’d like to have some protein added to your quinoa bowl, look no further than our fresh catch quinoa bowl. It’s packed with our freshest catch of the day, mandarin orange, black avocado beans, pico, almond halves, sesame seed, cilantro, and chickpeas. So yummy and so good!

Sugarloaf Deli & Yellowfin Pub | Morehead City, NC

Sugarloaf Deli & Yellowfin Pub waterfront restaurant Morehead City, NC is located right beside The Sanitary Fish Market. We are proud to offer food options for everyone that are tasty, fresh, and locally sourced to help support local businesses. If you’re in the mood for good food, drinks, and atmosphere, be sure to stop in to see us for lunch or dinner. We are open daily from 11:30 am-8 pm and are only closed on Tuesday. We look forward to seeing you!