We’ve all heard the common phrase “only in months with an r.” This common saying has been the end all be all for both fishermen and waterfront restaurant Morehead City NC for years when it comes to shellfish. However, this simple way of looking at a delicious meal couldn’t be more correct. A variety of shellfish including crabs, shrimp, and oysters benefit from the colder waters and ultimately taste better. This makes eating your favorites during this time of the year the perfect time to stop by your favorite waterfront restaurant Morehead City NC.


Living in North Carolina we are at the disposal of a variety of different crabs. While crabs are available year-round, they are at their best during the winter months. The most common type of North Carolina crabs is blue crabs, which are perfect for crab cakes and crab soups. These hearty meals are perfect for someone looking for something a little heavier to keep them warm during the colder months. Mix that with a nice light white wine, or citrus-forward mixed drink at your local waterfront restaurant Morehead City NC, and taste the difference.


Shrimp is another abundant shellfish in Eastern North Carolina. You can get a delicious shrimp dish from a waterfront restaurant Morehead City NC anytime in the year, however, they are best from early summer to the beginning of winter. Steamed, fried, or grilled shrimp is a diverse shellfish that is the basis of a variety of meals. A fresh salad with grilled shrimp and a wonderful light cocktail on the side is the perfect meal for a summer day by the water.


Oysters; you either love them or you hate them. If you’ve never tried an oyster, Eastern North Carolina is the place to knock that off your bucket list. The oyster season runs from October to March and it is the perfect time to try your hand at a local delicacy. If you’re unsure about it, starting off with a delicious basket of fried oysters is the perfect way to introduce yourself to this incredible shellfish. Pair that with a glass of white wine or your choice of stout and you’re in business.

Sugarloaf Deli and Yellowfin Pub | Waterfront Restaurant Morehead City NC

Sugarloaf Deli and Yellowfin Pub have tons of great plates and drinks in store for your next day out! Whether you’re looking for a fresh seafood plate, green salads, unique appetizers, or a burger from the mainland, Sugarloaf Deli and Yellowfin Pub have what you’re searching for. That’s what makes Sugarloaf Deli and Yellowfin Pub the best waterfront restaurant Morehead City NC! We are located next to the Sanitary Fish Market along the Morehead City waterfront. Come and join us for one of our delicious cocktails!