It’s almost March and that means the start of white shrimp season for fishermen off the coast of the Carolinas. Per year, North Carolina trawlers bring in around half a million pounds of shrimp. All that shrimp has got to go somewhere! So, as we get closer, let’s take a look at some of the best shrimp dishes on our menu so that you know which one you want to try on your next visit to Sugarloaf for the best seafood Morehead NC!

Peel and Eat Shrimp

There’s nothing better than keeping it simple. If you just want the classic shrimp experience, our Peel and Eat Shrimp appetizer is the option for you. You can get either a pound or a half-pound of locally caught shrimp. Steamed, tossed in Old Bay, and served with cocktail sauce and warm butter, you can enjoy the flavors of the sea in their purest form.

Caprese Salad with Grilled Shrimp

For the more health-conscious diners, our Caprese Salad with grilled shrimp is a must. Fresh tomato and mozzarella, basil leaves, a bed of mixed greens, and North Carolina shrimp that’s grilled to perfection. It’s a combination of health and taste that is sure to please.

Shrimp Burger

Sub out your ground beef classic for this fishy alternative. A shrimp patty with cool tartar sauce, fresh arugula, and juicy tomato create a refreshing flavor profile from top to bottom. While our other classic burgers are a great option, this twist on the old classic can be a great change of pace and a great way to try out some seafood Morehead NC!

AJ’s Buffalo Shrimp Wrap

Buffalo shrimp, crispy bacon, fresh lettuce and pico de gallo, and cooling ranch all wrapped up together in a tortilla. This wrap alone can top all other seafood Morehead NC. Its unique flavors create a hard-to-beat meal for any and all restaurant-goers.

Sugarloaf Deli and Yellowfin Pub | Seafood Morehead NC

If you’re looking for seafood Morehead NC, look no further than Sugarloaf Deli and Yellowfin Pub. Our selection of seafood dishes has something for everyone, and as shrimp season approaches, now is the time to come dine at Sugarloaf! Visit our website to read more about our menu and find the dish that you want to try on your next visit!