Seafood is popular in North Carolina, especially along the coast. As summer approaches, visitors flock to Morehead waterfront restaurants like Sugarloaf Deli and Yellowfin Pub. Tuna, shrimp, and crabs are all favored options, along with others like oysters. As we increase our seafood consumption, how can we eat seafood sustainably?

What is Sustainability?

Sustainability is keeping things balanced and at their natural level, not depleting resources. People often refer to sustainability as a concept in environmental practices. Farming seafood, or aquaculture, is just as relevant to sustainability.

Sustainable Seafood Sourcing

People everywhere receive a significant amount of protein from seafood in their diets, and the demand continues to grow. Farming seafood is a common practice that reduces the need for wild fish stocks, however, irresponsible aquaculture practices and wild fish farming can damage the natural environment.


In the case of wild fish harvesting, overfishing can destroy an ecosystem. Overfishing occurs when fishermen harvest fish quicker than they repopulate. Damage happens to not only the fish species harvested but other wildlife that either depended on the fish for food or species that the fish used as their food source. The fish cannot reproduce as quickly as they are being harvested causing permanent damage to the populations.

Habitat Damage

Aquaculture seems to be the best practice when done responsibly. However, the structures created to farm fish can harm the natural habitats along the coast. Additionally, introducing fish species to local ponds can harm local wildlife. Wild fish farming can also cause harm to the sea floor where many species live. Reefs, corals, and other items that shelter animals in the ocean are in these habitats. Ocean floor dredging can cause permanent damage. Coastal natives and restaurants Morehead City NC value the beautiful local habitats.


To combat the spread of disease within fish on fish farms, farmers will use chemicals. These chemicals get into the water systems and, combined with the waste from the fish, are dispersed into local waterways, affecting the local plant and animal life.

Sugarloaf Deli & Yellowfin Pub | Morehead Waterfront Restaurants

Seafood is a popular protein choice, especially during the summer months. Local and sustainable seafood options are the best options to improve your seafood consumption. Morehead waterfront restaurants like Sugarloaf Deli & Yellowfin Pub and Sanitary Fish Market are excited to serve you the best fresh seafood options that Morehead City has to offer.