If you’ve ever eaten at a seafood restaurant, you’ve likely seen items as “in-season.” While you might be able to guess that this term means the seafood is being caught during this time, you might be left wondering what else might be. While North Carolina has some of the best seafood in the south, if you’re looking for the freshest specimens, you’ll want to pick up seafood during the season. From Sugarloaf Deli and Yellowfin Pub, one of the best places to eat in Morehead City, here’s when North Carolina favorites will be in season.




This versatile fish is found in supermarkets and seafood restaurants alike. If you’re located on the east coast of the US, you’ll find tuna to be most plentiful between June and November. If you’re on the west coast, tuna season will be from May to October.



Also called dolphin (not to be confused with the Flipper variation), the gulf coast native is a local favorite. Mahi-mahi tends to enjoy warmer waters, so you’ll see them on menus more around spring and summer. Looking for a specific time? Keep your eyes peeled between April through September.



Due to practices like overfishing, salmon is a protected species in the Atlantic, so the salmon you order in restaurants will be from the pacific. Search your local seafood restaurant Morehead City’s menu for salmon from late April to mid-October.



Arguably the most popular fish found on coastal NC menus, the southern flounder has also suffered from overfishing. Because of their protected status, flounder season is incredibly short, spanning only the month of September.





There are several different species of crab you’ll come across in NC. Here are the most common types you’ll see at some of the local Morehead City restaurants. While blue crabs are by far the most popular and populous in NC, you’ll probably recognize the non-native snow crab. These crabs provide the long legs used when you order a dish of crab legs and are typically caught up north-way up north-in Alaska. The soft shell crab is another coastal NC go-to. At Sugarloaf Deli and Yellowfin pub, best places to eat in Morehead City, we must say we love a soft shell crab. You can try this tender meat for yourself in our soft crab and crab cake burger!


  • Blue crabs-January
  • Snow crabs-January to October
  • Soft shells-May through September



If you’ve ever been on a North Carolina beach, you’ve probably spotted a shrimp boat in the distance; the long cranes that hang over the sides of the boat make them hard to miss. That’s because shrimp is the second-most valuable catch out of North Carolina. Here are some of the most common types you can expect on your table and their seasons. You can taste this delicious crustacean on several of our menu items here at one of the best places to eat in Morehead City.


  • Brown shrimp-July through September
  • White shrimp-September to November



While in the northeast lobsters are in season between June and December, in warmer climates like NC, you’ll see them spotlighted starting in August, lasting through March.



If you’ve got a craving only fresh oysters can satisfy, head over to your favorite seafood restaurant Morehead City between October to March.



Often confused for their round-shelled cousin, wavy-shelled scallops will be in season from January through March.



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There you have it! Now you know when to expect the freshest fish and shellfish in Morehead City restaurants. Although these times might be when your seafood will be at its best, at Sugarloaf Deli and Yellowfin Pub, one of the best places to eat in Morehead City restaurants, we’re always on our A game. From seafood selections to land-dwelling meats for you landlubbers, we have something to suit everyone’s taste at our dockside restaurant. Have you dined with us yet? Took a great photo of your meal? Tag us on our socials for a chance for your photo to be featured right here on our best places to eat in Morehead City blog! Y’all come see us!